Generating Seller Leads With Just Sold Realtor Postcards

Generating Seller Leads With Just Sold Realtor Postcards

So, you’re a realtor who just sold a home! That’s great news! But… What is your next step? You want to keep selling and selling and selling. But where can you find seller leads? If you’re thinking about sending out just sold cards to try to attract new seller leads, you’ve got your head in the right place. However, in order to ensure that your just sold postcards are effective, there are a few things you should make sure you’re adding to them. You must be sure that your mailers are attractive and attention grabbing and not like the competitors’ cards. You also need to make sure that by looking at your postcard, your recipients know that you are a successful realtor in their area and that you can sell their home if they’re ready to take that step. 

Just Sold Real Estate Postcards – 5 Key Factors

You can do these things by following a checklist – the effective sold postcards checklist. After a lot of research as well as trial and error, we’ve comprised a list of 5 key factors you need in order to create a just sold postcard that will get you leads.

  1. Your images matter. Just sold postcards for realtors need to include a photo of the home, that’s just a given. It’s good to remember this rule we’ve all heard a million times: a picture is worth a thousand words. With real estate, a good, well-lit photo of the front of the property is the way to go. If you’re sending mailers to the neighborhood in which the home is sold, this step is important because it can help show the recipient what type of house is selling. Some neighborhoods have similarities among houses, so if a house that is set up like mine sold, mine probably will too – persuading me to get in touch with a realtor if I happen to be ready to sell.
  2. Add the price of what the home sold for. This postcard feature goes hand in hand with the last point – people with similar homes know that you are able to sell their home as well as what they might be able to sell their home for. You might be mailing to someone who is ready to sell their home, but is still on the fence. Knowing the ballpark range of what their home will sell for could be the factor that convinces them to give you a call to be their trusted realtor. You can use this section to boast and brag a little bit, too if you want to. Add impressive information about the home – maybe it was on the market for a very short period of time or it’s a record high price for that particular street or area. You’re broadcasting your success to your audience and telling them that you are credible and you are a realtor worth working with.
  3. Include your contact information. This is a given, but still worth mentioning. You need to have at a minimum your name, your direct line, and your headshot. If you have room, you should really include your company name and your website as well. While it’s important to have your contact information on your postcards, position and readability also matters. What good is having your contact information on your mailers if your reader can’t see what it says? Make sure you’re using contrasting colors for the background of your postcard and the text. If your background is a dark color and your text is, too, you are risking the recipient not being able to see that information at all. 
  4. Add client testimonials. The front of your postcard is accounted for with the image of the home that you just help sell, but what should you put on the back of your card? A great addition to your postcard is a client testimonial(s). You should never underestimate the power of social proof. People read reviews before they purchase a t-shirt, so imagine how much research they do before choosing a realtor. Why not deliver your reviews to their doorstep?! 70% of people will trust recommendations from people they don’t even know, so testimonials on your postcards can be a huge motivator for sellers to work with you!
  5. Include a clear next step. If you don’t clarify what your recipient should do after receiving your postcard in the mail, their next step might be to throw it in the trash. Regardless of the industry you’re in, your marketing tools should never make the prospect question what to do next or try to figure out the next step on their own. There are a few different calls to action you can offer on a just sold mailer. The obvious is a good choice: “Looking to sell your home? Give me a call today!”. You can offer a list of steps someone needs to take in order to get their home ready to sell. Some unique real estate postcards will also offer statistics in their calls to action. 

After reading these tips on creating a great just sold postcard that will convert to seller leads, I hope you’re ready to make one and send it out! If you’re new to the mailer scene, don’t fret. There are companies that exist that make the process of creating a postcard, choosing an audience, and sending the mailers ridiculously easy. One example is MapYourSales. Create a postcard from scratch or use a pre-built template that was designed to get you leads. Next, choose the exact area you want your postcards to send. With just sold cards, you generally want to send in that neighborhood, so MapYourSales makes it easy for you to targe the homes around the address that just sold. This service will even send the postcards for you to your selected addresses – you don’t even need to go to the post office. 

Postcard mailing services like this might seem too good to be true, but I promise it’s real! If you’d like more info on Map Your Sales select an option below.

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