The Carpet Cleaners Marketing Guide

The Carpet Cleaners Marketing Guide

Whether you’re just starting a carpet cleaning business or you’ve been in the industry for decades, it’s always critical to utilize advertising innovations to attract new clients. Additionally, many companies fail to properly include their existing clientele in their ongoing marketing efforts. To help you avoid common problems and increase your revenue without a lot of hard work, we’ve put together this guide to building more effective carpet cleaning ads.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Marketing Strategies

There are endless possibilities in the world of marketing. However, unless you have an unlimited advertising budget, you need to focus your attention on proven methods. We’ve narrowed this down to the five golden standards for carpet cleaner marketing.

Carpet Cleaning Direct Mail Postcards

Many companies believe that digital marketing is their best bet, but studies have shown that’s not actually true. In fact, 73 percent of consumers have expressed a clear preference for direct mail such as carpet cleaning postcards. Even better, 57 percent of millennials have made a purchase as a result of getting a direct mailer. Don’t forget that this key demographic has grown up and includes everyone who is currently between the ages of 24 and 39.

Professional services such as Map Your Sales provide carpet cleaning postcards templates to simplify the process. Make sure that you select consistent branding, including a color theme, font and logo that will make your company instantly recognizable. Regardless of whether your target market knows about your business today, you want them to start recognizing your branding as they continue to receive additional mailers.

Keep in mind that each contact you have with potential prospects counts toward the marketing rule of seven. For the uninitiated, this rule states that every consumer needs to feel comfortable with a brand or service before they’ll move forward with a purchase. On average, it takes seven contacts for that level of comfort and familiarity to be attained. In other words, if you don’t get a huge response from your first round of commercial carpet cleaning postcards, remember that you have laid the groundwork for future sales.

Ringless Voicemail Marketing for Carpet Cleaners

It’s wise to vary your approach when you’re trying to reach out to your ideal market. For example, carpet cleaning postcards are a great way to introduce your services to a desired area, but you cannot assume that they will have the same impact on each receiver. Therefore, following up with a ringless voicemail is a great way to boost awareness and responsiveness.

Studies indicate that somewhere between 18 and 33 percent of all smartphone users listen to marketing messages. Just like with postcard marketing, the relatively recent trend of leaving voicemails without making the prospect’s phone ring is a solid method for building brand awareness. Be sure to remain consistent with the messaging on your direct mailers, including identifying your company the exact same way and extending a similar offer.

Text Message Marketing for Carpet Cleaners

The vast majority of cellphone plans come with free unlimited texts, which makes this a viable way to reach out to prospects. Not only do most people have a smartphone on them at all times but studies have shown that businesses can generate a response rate that’s eight times higher than email marketing. When done correctly, you can achieve conversion rates as high as 23.3 percent, thereby making SMS messaging one of the most successful forms of carpet cleaning advertising.

The secret with text message marketing is to keep your message enticing and to the point. Include a link the recipient can click on to get more information. Alternatively, you can run a campaign that encourages people to respond directly to you by asking a question. As always, the more you vary your approach over time, the higher your overall engagement rate will be.

Carpet Cleaner Email Marketing

According to HubSpot, emails still provide a lot of bang for your buck. The return on investment (ROI) of most well-run email campaigns is a staggering 3,800 percent. Or, to put it another way, you can expect an ROI of $38 for every $1 you invest in well-written carpet cleaning marketing emails.

Even if some of your target audience doesn’t open your email, they’re still highly likely to take in your subject line, so use it wisely. Recent studies show that 99 percent of consumers check their email at least once a day, and most people look for new emails approximately 10 times daily. You’ll be competing with a lot of other marketing messages, so you have to do something to stand out. Per Forbes, emails with an emoji in the subject line have a 56 percent higher click-through rate.

Be sure to make your emails mobile friendly. After all, at least 46 percent of all emails are opened from a smartphone or tablet. Fortunately, when you choose the marketing automation services offered by Map Your Sales, every template converts into a properly rendered email that can be easily read on every major device. To see how this works, take a moment to check out the Map Your Sales demo!

Marketing Automation Makes Everything Easier

For some of you, the idea of putting all the carpet cleaning marketing ideas listed above into action may seem very daunting. This is usually due to concerns about how to get everything done in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The good news is that marketing automation can eliminate these worries!

Map Your Sales provides a very simple interface that makes it possible to schedule everything from carpet cleaning reminder postcards to text messages. You’ll be able to schedule as many points of contact as you’d like, and they’ll go out to the applicable mailing list on each of the designated days. After your minimal time investment setting this process up, you can go back to retaining clients by providing excellent service.

Map Your Sales: A Carpet Cleaner Marketing Company

Here at Map Your Sales, we offer affordable solutions for reaching out to your target market. Unlike many similar advertising options, our carpet cleaning business software gives you the ability to narrow down your direct marketing in new and innovative ways.

1. Pre-Built Templates – As previously mentioned, your carpet cleaning postcard design needs to incorporate your company’s branding. This has never been easier to do than with our pre-built templates. Add your logo, choose your color theme and add a direct marketing message. Once this is all set, you’ll use our direct advertising carpet cleaning scheduling software to determine when each mailer will be sent.

2. Pinpoint Your Target Market – Here’s where the Map Your Sales carpet cleaner software really stands out above our competitors. Don’t get stuck sending postcards to people inside an entire zip code. Instead, take complete control of your mailing list with our pinpoint mapping technology.

Imagine you’ve just completed a carpet cleaning job for a satisfied client in a local neighborhood. Wouldn’t you love to directly target that client’s neighbors? With Map Your Sales, that’s exactly what you can do! We also make it possible to target anywhere from one address to thousands. By using our advertising carpet cleaning software, you can eliminate undesirable areas to streamline your efforts. This is the absolute best way to control costs.

3. Campaigns Sent Out Per Your Time Frame – Map Your Sales also doubles as carpet cleaning CRM (customer retention management) by enabling you to schedule reminders and follow up messages to existing clients. No matter who you’re targeting in each campaign, you’ll be in complete control of what type of marketing methods are used and what day they go out. Those of you who love planning far ahead can even schedule your marketing messages up to 1,000 days in advance.

4. Utilize Multiple Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing Methods – We’ve all gotten repeated direct mailers from local companies that never try a different approach. Over time, the impact of these messages is lost, and most people barely take in their latest postcard. Keep your advertising fresh by scheduling a variety of automated messages sent via direct mail, email, text message and ringless voicemail.

Let Us Help You Boost Your Client Base

As you can see, Map Your Sales makes the entire process of building and running marketing campaigns easier than ever before. Instead of struggling to put together a varied campaign, you can simply opt in to any or all of our options. Aside from those we’ve already mentioned, you’ll also have the ability to schedule gifts to go out to existing clients and potential prospects.

Regular marketing efforts are the ideal way to build a larger clientele. Find out how Map Your Sales can help you reach your revenue goals without charging an exorbitant fee. Our demo will give you a quick look at how easy it is to use our software. We also offer a free trial to let you experience firsthand how effective automated marketing can be.

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