The Ultimate Roofing Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Roofing Marketing Guide

Are you looking to start your roofing business or see exponential growth if you already own one? A successful business depends on a variety of factors, all of which have to work together towards an objective. The product or service lies at the core of any business but you need to have a sound strategy about reaching out to your customers as well.

Roofer Marketing Done Right

Welcome to Map Your Sales! We are a SaaS company providing CRM for roofing companies to help them find their most profitable clients and navigate the waters without spending money unnecessarily.

You must have heard of the 80/20 rule in marketing. For those of you who don’t know what it is, the rule says that 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your sales. So, you may have a unique selling proposition or an excellent customer service in place which, don’t get us wrong, are extremely important as well. However, your time, energy and money are of importance and you shouldn’t have to spend them and see unsatisfactory results.

Marketing A Roofing Company

Marketing a roofing company means using a host of tools to reach your potential clients. This can vary from direct mail to postcards and even email marketing. As an owner, it can be very confusing to employ all these mediums to get your message across and if you get an agency, onboard, you may find it difficult to select one that fits the bill.

What is the issue with hiring an ad agency, you may wonder. Well, for starters roofing is very different from other businesses. What may work for food companies or even real estate clients may not work when doing marketing for roofing companies. You need specialized knowledge about it and it’s not like your typical consumer goods and services.

Another reason, why you should market your roofing business in a way that doesn’t burden you and keeps the vision of your business intact, is to not involve too many people in it. Lack of funding often comes up in this line of work because you are working with sub-contractors, salespersons, and suppliers. Sales may come easy to you but once the bills start piling up, you would need to sort it out first before continuing with marketing your business.

Some roofing companies also struggle with not knowing numbers which is important because you need to know where you stand in order to plan your move. With Map your Sales, we’ve worked with all the weaknesses that may stop you from doing your best and help you sustain your roofing company. We will not only help you in generating marketing ideas for your roofing company, providing consistent help in doing roofing advertisements, building brand awareness, but will also assist you in nurturing your leads and closing them.

If you’re wondering how to get roofing leads, you need not worry! We employ all major channels for you to reach your potential clients and market your services to them.

Roofing Postcards and Direct Mail

Direct mail or postcard marketing is still relevant. If you’re wondering exactly how effective they are, you’ll be surprised to know that 7 out of 10 consumers of all demographics have bought something as a result of direct mail. It happens to yield a lot more results than email marketing.

We are not dismissing the importance of digital channels, however, it is important to know how each medium works, and you can mix and match, then work with a strategy that happens to be a winning combination.

We offer roofing companies with direct mail as part of our package and the great thing about it is that we have pre-built templates. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t have to put in the effort to design something extraordinary because we are doing it for you!

You can also send gifts and letters to your customers with our direct mail feature.

Ringless Voice Mail

This is probably a faster way to reach your targeted audience. If you don’t know what a ringless voice mail is, it is an innovative cloud-based client acquisition system that works great for all businesses no matter what their size. This medium eliminates the need for cold calls – a method that is known to be not too successful and wastes a lot of time.

Once your outbound marketing through voice mail is taken care of, you and your employees will have a lot more time on your hands to focus on other aspects of the business.

Text Message Marketing

Another excellent tool to reach thousands of customers is through text messaging or SMS marketing.  From helping you generate leads to letting you add rich media such as images, videos, and hyperlinks, this is a good way to reach a broad market. A text message is not fleeting, which makes it easier for your message to sit in a potential client’s inbox and get back to you whenever they want. In other words, it is like a business card and with most people nowadays carrying phones all the time, your message is closer to them than ever.

A good reason why we have text message marketing as part of our holistic way to reach your roofing clients is that it doesn’t disturb them as cold calls do. Even if your potential client is interested in your business, they may not be in a mood to speak to you and you may not always know what is the best time to call them. With text messages, your leads have the chance to access information and go through your message at their convenience.

Email Marketing

We offer email marketing as well so you have a chance to build a relationship with your client. It is also an excellent way to keep them updated about your offers or any time-bound deals that may be of interest to them.

Several roofing companies are out there, competing in the same arena as you are. With email marketing, you get a chance to build your recall and stay top-of-mind among your customers.  Measuring ROI with email marketing is also fairly simple and following up is easy too.

We will help you provide value to your customers through emails so you’re able to achieve a good position in their minds.

Marketing Automation For Roofing Companies

Map Your Sales allows your marketing to be fully automated. Once you’ve selected your desired marketing medium such as direct mail, email marketing, text message marketing or ringless voicemail, the rest is our job. You just need to click send and leave your business to us. As an all-in-one roofing marketing platform, we have everything that is required to launch a successful marketing campaign – one that gives results and has the power to be built on.

We’re just one call away. Dial our number and get your roofing company marketed the right way!

Our automated systems are designed in a way that won’t overwhelm your client but keep them interested in your business. Once the leads have matured, they will turn into happy customers. In the roofing business, it is important that leads don’t just approach you for work but have a long-term relationship. We help you in retaining your numbers as well and keep in touch with your clients. You have the choice to send a single message or schedule your messages at intervals.

CRM for roofing contractors is extremely necessary given the nature of the business. Since we employ many touchpoints to reach your customers, we make it easy to manage them too! One central dashboard has all of your communication in one place and helps you keep an eye on conversations and communicate with the clients. To understand this thoroughly, you can watch our demo video.

Finding the best roofing leads is also easier than ever with our mapping tool. For example, if you have provided your services to a client in a particular area, you can draw a square around that area and our system will provide you with a list of leads within that area that may be interested in your services. You have the freedom to select an area or a neighborhood and get ideal clients.

Once you have the list, you can proceed with the marketing.

Our roofing software allows you to develop a drip marketing campaign. You can pick and choose how you’d like to approach people and combine all the available mediums as per your choice. In fact, you can build an entire sequence and schedule it as you want. With so much control on your campaign, we strive to be your partners in marketing the roofing business and help you in out in a variety of ways. Say goodbye to mundane tasks and leave them to us. You remain the pilot of your business without the nitty gritties of redundant tasks.

The organization of marketing was never this easy. We offer a 14-day trial so you can get familiar with all the features of our software and see just how effective our system is in helping you fulfill your marketing objectives and getting sales.  

Sounds too good to be true, right? Sign up now for just $1 and get all features at your fingertips for 14 days. 

If you’re stuck somewhere, we also have a demo video to help you through the process. Our services are applicable only in the United States for now but we are working on expansion.

Take Your Roofing Marketing Game To The Next Level!

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