5 Types of Realtor Mailers That Work

5 Types of Realtor Mailers That Work

Real estate postcards are exactly what they sound like. They are single-page pieces of mail that realtors create and send out to a specific neighborhood, demographic, or even people or families they have already worked with in the past. Utilizing postcards in your marketing campaign as a real estate agent can be extremely beneficial to you. These mailers can help you gain new clients. Whether the addresses you’re sending to are ready to buy or sell their home, or if they have friends and family members who are ready to buy or sell that they can refer to you.

It sounds good in theory, but maybe you are not entirely sure when a real estate agent such as yourself should be sending out postcards. Well, I’m here to help answer that question. Here are five types of postcards real estate agents can send and how they can help gain you leads that can turn into clients:

Just listed postcards

Real estate just listed postcards are a way for you to advertise a house you just helped put on the market. This type of postcard should focus on the property. You should list details about the house – people are more likely to read a postcard that is advertising home and less likely to read a postcard that is self-advertising yourself as a great realtor. With this type of postcard, you are appealing to several different audiences. The first is people who are ready to buy a new home. You are showing them a potential candidate for their new home. The second type of audience you’re appealing to are people who are ready to sell their home. If you’ve listed a house, and they need a realtor, they can give you a call to list their home. Finally, you’re appealing to people who have friends and family members who might be ready to buy or sell their home. Referrals are a huge part of each and every industry, and real estate is no different.

Just sold postcards

Just sold postcards for realtors are exactly what they sound like as well. This is a mailer that is sent after you helped someone sell their home. Generally, these postcards are sent to other addresses in the area where the house just sold. These postcards can tell the surrounding area to say “hello” to their new neighbors. Just sold cards can also attract leads, though. A just sold postcard can give you some credibility. If there are other people in the neighborhood who are ready to sell their home, you are telling them you are a realtor that can get the job done. Similarly to just listed postcards, if your postcard recipients know someone who is ready to sell their home, your name is on the top of their mind to refer because they just got your mail. 

Open house postcards

Open house postcards are a great way to advertise a home for sale in a specific neighborhood. You might post your open house information on social media, which is a great thing to do, but you aren’t guaranteed that everyone will see it. People can have a lot of friends on Facebook which can equal a lot of posts and a very overwhelming timeline. Not to mention if you have no mutual friends, they might not even have the chance to see your post at all. There is always the possibility that someone who is looking for a home will never get the pleasure of seeing your open house Facebook post. The great thing about postcards is that the recipient pretty much has to look at it. The first thing the average person does is flip through the pile of mail that came in their mailbox. Even if they flip through the mail at a quick pace, they are still guaranteed to lay eyes on your postcard. There is always the possibility that your recipients aren’t home searching or looking for a realtor to work with, but if they are, or if they know someone who is, they are more likely to see your postcard that comes in the mail than your Facebook post.

New agent introduction postcards

If you’re a new agent, what better way to promote yourself than by direct mail? Of course, you always have the option of social media, but like I just said previously, you are not guaranteed that everyone is going to see your post. A lot of new agents do send mail to their friends and family letting them know they are now a licensed real estate agent. However, some of this type of real estate direct mail is in the form of a letter. Sending a letter is always an option for you, but you should think about the downfalls as well. With a letter, you are trusting your audience to take the extra steps of opening the envelope and unfolding the letter. With a postcard, they are just going to see your smiling face and your contact information – no extra steps necessary. 

Happy home anniversary postcards

Realtor mailers do not always need to be some type of advertisement or promotion. A good idea for a postcard that is not an advertisement is a happy home anniversary postcard. This is a postcard that a real estate agent sends to a former client who they have assisted in buying a house. This card gets sent a year after the person or family bought their home. It is a nice gesture from the realtor, but it can also be a way to get leads. Sending a postcard a year after working with a client will remind them you are a great realtor, so again, if they have friends or family that are looking to buy or sell a home, you are on the top of their mind to refer you. Or, you can come right out and say in your postcard “if you know anyone looking to buy or sell a home, feel free to send them my way.”

If you’re a realtor, these five types of real estate postcards are sure to help you get more leads and close more deals. If you aren’t sure how to start the process of mailing postcards, you might want to enlist the help of a service who will do it for you, like Map Your Sales. They have multiple postcard templates to choose from, they provide you with the ability to choose exactly what addresses you want your postcards to send to, and they will send the postcards out for you.

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