Perfect Headlines For Just Listed Real Estate Postcards

How To Craft Perfect Headlines For Real Estate Postcards

When creating great real estate postcards, you need to make sure that your mailer is going to stand out among all of the competition. If you and five other realtors send postcards to the same address, your postcard needs to be the clear winner… by a landslide. Your goal is to be the realtor that the postcard recipient calls, but I didn’t need to tell you that. A good way to ensure you are catching the eye of your audience is to create an attention grabbing headline. Headlines are particularly important on mailers like just sold and just listed postcards because there is not much more you can do with the image on the card. With these types of postcards, you are limited to using the photo of the house you’re selling or listing. 

Creating these amazing headlines for your direct mail campaign is easier said than done. But, if you can master it and you send out a compelling headline on the rest of your mailers from here on out, you will see a serious increase in leads as well as closed deals. You do not need to be an author to create great headlines.

Here are a few ways to improve your next realtor postcard campaign:

  • Stand out. It can be hard to be super unique when it comes to headlines on real estate postcards. You and everyone else who sends direct mail needs to include the basics about the house in question – I get it. But one thing that a lot of realtors tend to do is heavily base their postcards on other realtors’ examples. This is not your best move and it is something that you should be avoiding at all costs. If you can not make your postcards unique from your competitors, why would your audience choose you to be their realtor over the other guy? 

Your main goal is to set yourself apart from the other real estate agents in the area, not to follow their exact lead. You can do this by changing things like your formatting and your text color of your headline on your postcard to make it visually appealing and easily noticed in a pile.

  • Tell your audience a story. Purchasing or selling a house is a business transaction for the realtor – it’s a closed deal and money in your pocket. However, in the eyes of the buyer or seller, it is an extremely emotional process. The home that you’re selling could be the place where someone starts their family and where they spend the rest of their life. You should keep this in mind when you are creating headlines for your real estate just listed postcards. 

Instead of setting your headline to say something like ‘4 bedroom 2 bathroom house in downtown [city]’ try to appeal more to your readers’ emotions. They are looking for a place to live, that’s a huge deal! Try to change up your wording by saying something like ‘Welcoming 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in the heart of [city]’. It may not seem like a big change or a huge deal to you, but your wording can help you connect you to your readers on a more emotional level. With this approach, you are also proving to your audience that you understand this is a big step for them to take in their life and you don’t just want their money.

  • Less telling, more selling. This is on the opposite side of the spectrum as the previous headline idea. If you’re a heavy hitter, you want to give your audience information that is going to make them want to buy the house on your real estate just listed postcards. With this type of headline, your main goal is to give detailed information about the house or condo in question. Your competitors will be putting the information about the property on the front of their mailer, but in some instances, that is not always enough. Treat your headline as your sales pitch. You need to convince your prospects that they need to go find more information on this property. Use your headline as prime real estate (no pun intended) to list the most important and desirable bits of information regarding the property. Something worth mentioning might be the school zone. Some parents go crazy over having the opportunity to send their kids to a notable school district. 

Once you think you have crafted the perfect headline, double check. It is so important to proofread your postcard. Yes, I am focused primarily on the headline throughout this post, but here’s a free bit of advice – proofread the entire thing! What good is having a stellar opening line if your phone number or the address is incorrect. Spelling errors can also help play a part in ruining your reputation as a professional. 

Now, you should be ready to start creating postcards with amazing headlines that convert into leads! There are a few options you can take. You can create, print, and send postcards on your own by using a service like the United States Postal Service Every Door Direct Mail. This will allow you to choose a route and your postcard will get delivered to every address on that particular route. 

If that’s not the path you want to travel, you can also look into services that will do most of this for you, so you don’t have to take too much time out of your daily work schedule. One of these services is Map Your Sales. Our platform already has pre-built templates that you can choose from to get started with creating your postcard, or you can start from scratch. From there, you will choose the addresses or the neighborhood where you want your mailers to send to, rather than having them dropped off at every house on a postal route. MapYourSales will take care of printing and sending your cards out for you. To learn more select an option below.

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